Awards Finalists

SOPA Announces 2015 Awards for Editorial Excellence Finalists!


Honorable Mention and Award for Excellence for each category will be announced at the Awards dinner event on Wednesday 10th June, so buy your dinner ticket now. 


(Below listings in alphabetical order of publication’s title)


1.     Excellence in Reporting on Women’s Issues (女性议题新闻奖)

Group A
Bloomberg LP, India maternal failure
The International New York Times, Dispatches from China
The Wall Street Journal Asia, “No Good Choices:” A Maid’s Fight for Justice

Group B
MINT, Human Trafficking Series
Time Out Hong Kong, The Other Women
The Jakarta Globe, For Victims of Indonesia’s 1965 Communist Purge, No Anger, but the Suffering Lingers

Group C
Apple Daily/香港蘋果日報, 從Erwiana被虐到本港印傭離鄉別井苦況系列報道
Apple Daily/香港蘋果日報, 無家的女性
Today/今周刊, Conquer three enemies being your own master: powerful roses/戰勝三個敵人做自己的主人鏗鏘玫瑰

2. Excellence in Digital News (卓越网络新闻奖) 

Group A
The International New York Times, “Searching for Burmese Jade, and Finding Misery” with the Video Feature, “Jade’s Journey Marked By Drugs and Death
The Wall Street Journal Asia, City of Imagination: The Kowloon Walled City
The Wall Street Journal Asia, What is Alibaba?

Group B, Zhou’s Power Base
South China Morning Post, Voices from Tiananmen: Eyewitnesses look back to the spring of 1989
The Straits Times, Ocean’s Fury: Are we ready?

Group C
CommonWealth Magazine Group/Cheers Magazine, Popular services industry/服務新貴,正夯!
CommonWealth Magazine/天下雜誌, 「北東協火熱崛起」數位專輯财新网, Zhou’s Power Base/周永康的人与财

3.      Excellence in Human Rights Reporting (卓越人权报导奖)

Group A
The International New York Times, The Ballad of Zakia and Mohammad
The International New York Times, The Plight of the Rohingya of Myanmar
The Wall Street Journal Asia, “No Good Choices:” A Maid’s Fight for Justice

Group B
MINT, Why Dutee Chand can Change Sport
Myanmar Times, Medical gap threatens lives in Rakhine
The Edge Review, Easy Prey

Group C
Apple Daily/香港蘋果日報, 雨傘運動
Business Weekly/商業周刊, 18 Doctors Denunciation: Don’t Sacrifice Human Lives/18位名醫最沉痛控訴 別把人命省掉了
Ming Pao/明報, 佔領事件系列報道

4.      Excellence in Feature Writing (卓越专题特写奖)

Group A
Bloomberg Businessweek, Cash Pads: Chinese Money Transforms a California Suburb
Bloomberg LP, Operation Yellowbird
Reuters, Exposing Asia s brutal slave trade

Group B
COCONUTS MEDIA, Hidden in Plain Sight
Post Magazine, “Til death do us part?’
Prestige Hong Kong, A Suitable Boy

Group C
30雜誌, 30雜誌「The Giver」覺醒世代:1萬人1小時,改變台灣 1
Business Weekly/商業周刊, Invisible Home Care >> 2.2 Million People Resign Storm/隱形照護>>220萬人離職風暴
Ming Pao Weekly/明報周刊, 當生命走到盡頭 如何善終

5.      Excellence in Magazine Design (卓越杂志设计奖)

Group A (cancelled)*

Group B
Design 360o – Concept and Design Magazine, Design 360o Magazine: No.50 – Design Manifesto
Priority, Priority
Tasting Kitchen, TK13 Fruits Flowers & Bugs

Group C
The Outlook Magazine/《新视线》, TOKYO, Volume I/东京(上)

6.      Excellence in Lifestyle Coverage (卓越生活时尚报导奖)

Group A
Reuters, Everest tragedy exposes big business behind noble pursuit
TIME, The Xinjiang Sound
TIME, China’s Road Show

Group B
South China Morning Post, Roam and board
The Phnom Penh Post, Reign of the quiet king
The Phnom Penh Post, Cockfight Kingdom

Group C
CommonWealth Magazine/Cheers Magazine, The lifestyle after working/下班後新幸福學
LOHAS MAGAZINE/《LOHAS乐活》, Food and Ware/《食与器》
The Outlook Magazine/《新视线》, Game/游戏人生

7.      Excellence in Explanatory Reporting (卓越解释性新闻奖)

Group A
Reuters, Beijing’s stealthy advance towards Greater China
The International New York Times, Dissecting China’s Anticorruption Campaign
The Wall Street Journal Asia, Deep Threat: China’s Submarines Add Nuclear-Strike Capability, Altering Strategic Balance

Group B
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists in partnership with Ming Pao, People’s Republic of Offshore or China Leaks
The Edge Review, Coup Confusion in Thailand
The Straits Times, Little India Riot: One year later

Group C
Business Weekly/商業周刊, Reveal Ko Wen-Je’s Limited Corporation/揭密 柯文哲股份公司
Business Weekly/商業周刊, Disclosure of Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Services/服貿協議 完全解惑
CommonWealth Magazine/天下雜誌, 經濟有解

8.      Excellence in News Photography (卓越新闻摄影奖)

Group A
Bloomberg, Pro-Democracy Protests in Hong Kong
Reuters, The Umbrella Man
TIME, The Rohingya, Burma’s Forgotten Muslims

Group B
COCONUTS MEDIA, The Umbrella Movement
Philippine Daily Inquirer, Home Street Home
South China Morning Post, Occupy in pictures

Group C
Business Weekly/商業周刊, Get Along with Vietnam Tiger/與越南虎共處
Ming Pao/明報, 施襲遭制服
Ming Pao/明報, 警施催淚彈

9.      Excellence in Business Reporting (卓越经济报导奖)

Group A
Bloomberg Businessweek, The Chinese Government Is Getting Rich Selling Cigarettes
Reuters, Takata’s deadly air bags
The International New York Times, Alibaba and “The Jack Ma Way”

Group B
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists in partnership with Ming Pao, People’s Republic of Offshore or China Leaks
Lloyds List, The hidden loans that sank Nanjing Tanker
MINT, The Nokia Story

Group C
CommonWealth Magazine/天下雜誌, 自由貿易 真相解密
CommonWealth Magazine/天下雜誌, 北東協火熱崛起
Today/今周刊, Taiwan’s golden pastry legend/台灣金磚奇蹟

10.  Excellence in Information Graphics (卓越资料图像奖)

Group A (cancelled)*

Group B
South China Morning Post, The height of social values
South China Morning Post, Dead in life, alive in death
The Star, The MH17 Tragedy

Group C
CommonWealth Magazine/天下雜誌, 經濟有解
Sing Tao Daily/星島日報, Flood Relief System 世紀排洪
The Outlook Magazine/《新视线》, Japanese Survive/日本不沉没

11.  Excellence in Reporting Breaking News (卓越突发性新闻奖)

Group A
Bloomberg LP, Sewol Disaster
Reuters, Hong Kong’s ‘Umbrella Revolution’
The International New York Times, Hong Kong Protests

Group B
South China Morning Post, Occupy
The Phnom Penh Post, Deadly crackdown
The Phnom Penh Post, HIV outbreak

Group C
Apple Daily/香港蘋果日報, 馬航空難
Today/今周刊, Cost for earning one more dollar margin/多賺一塊錢的代價
Yazhou Zhoukan/亞洲週刊, Labour strike at the largest shoe-making factory in the world and the problems of immigrant worker welfare/世界最大鞋廠罷工 中國民工社保困局

12.   Excellence in Opinion Writing (卓越评论奖)

Group A
Bloomberg LP, Mishra – View
Financial Times, Life in China
Financial Times, India’s 2014 election

Group B
Nikkei Asian Review, Thitinan Pongsudhirak
The Jakarta Globe, Outstanding editorial coverage by the Jakarta Globe
The Jakarta Post, Endorsing Jokowi

Group C
Bloomberg Business Week  China/彭博商业周刊中文版, 政治权力,OUT啦!
Financial Times/FT中文网, The Third Road Xi’s Taking/习近平的第三条道路
Financial Times/FT中文网, Deng: The Doors He Opened and the Windows He Closed/邓小平打开的门和关上的窗

13.   Excellence in Editorial Cartooning (卓越漫画奖)

Group A (cancelled)*

Group B
South China Morning Post, Occupy (according to Harry)
The Straits Times, Lessons for small states from Ukraine
The Straits Times, The soft containment of Russia

Group C
Headline Daily/頭條日報, 衝呀!!/Go Go Go
Ming Pao/明報, 威脅新聞自由系列
Ming Pao/明報, 佔領運動系列

14. Excellence in Reporting on the Environment (卓越环境报导奖)

Group A
Bloomberg LP, The bleakest side of India’s modernization
Reuters, In Jakarta, that sinking feeling is all too real
The Associated Press, Asbestos threat in India

Group B
Nikkei Asian Review, A future in drought
Thomson Reuters Foundation, Water Shortages in India
Time Out Hong Kong, Reclaiming Hong Kong

Group C
Apple Daily/香港蘋果日報, 十面霾伏系列報道
CommonWealth Magazine/天下雜誌, 台灣離島SOS 誰偷了我的國土?
Ming Pao Weekly/明報周刊, 《靜土何處尋》

15. Excellence in Feature Photography (卓越特写摄影奖)

Group A
The International New York Times, The Plight of the Rohingya
TIME, The World’s Most Dangerous Room
TIME, Banish the Night

Group B
Myanmar Times, The Magwe oil fields
Tasting Kitchen, Refined by Time
Time Out Hong Kong, The Forgotten Cost of Domestic Help

Group C
Modern Weekly/周末画报新闻版, The Copied Architecture/《建筑的赝品,时代的笑柄》
The Outlook Magazine/新視線, Special Issue of Tokyo, Volume I/东京(上)别册
Today/今周刊, Manor of Human/人的莊園

16. The Scoop Award (独家新闻奖)

Group A
Bloomberg LP, Japan Child Porn
Bloomberg LP, Deleting Drug Tests
Reuters, Closing in on Zhou’s circle

Group B
GlobalPost, South Korea pulled strings as Cambodia’s military cracked down on protesters
Nikkei Asian Review, San Miguel proposes $10B airport for Manila
South China Morning Post, Crackdown in Macau

Group C
Apple Daily/香港蘋果日報, 解放軍大帽山秘密建軍事雷達
Business Weekly/商業周刊, Hard Choices: Reliance on China makes Taiwan Vulnerable/抉擇 越倚賴中國,台灣越脆弱
Ming Pao/明報, 九龍城挖出千年宋元古井

17. Excellence in Investigative Reporting (卓越调查报导新闻奖)

Group A
Bloomberg LP, The bleakest side of India’s modernization
Financial Times, China in Africa: how Sam Pa became the middleman
The International New York Times, Behind the sinking of the Sewol

Group B
Lloyds List, The hidden loans that sank Nanjing Tanker
Malaysiakini, The rise of the Johor royal family’s business empire
The Phnom Penh Post, The calculus of logging

Group C
Apple Daily/香港蘋果日報, 高鐵延誤及超支系列報導
CommonWealth Magazine/天下雜誌, 台灣離島SOS 誰偷了我的國土
Ming Pao/明報, 權貴BVI離岸公司與利益衝突調查系列

18.  Journalist of the Year (年度记者奖)

Philippine Daily Inquirer, Nancy Carvajal
The International New York Times, Jonah M. Kessel
TIME, Hannah Beech

*The categories marked cancelled were due to not receiving more than 5 entries.