Awards Finalists

SOPA Announces 2016 Awards for Editorial Excellence Finalists!


Congratulations to all Finalists!  Honorable Mention and Award for Excellence will be revealed at the Gala dinner on June 15th

(Below listings in alphabetical order of publication’s title.  Articles hyperlinks will be added in soon). 

1.     Excellence in Reporting on Women’s Issues (女性议题新闻奖)

Group A
Bloomberg News, Wife on Run From Pakistan Honor Killing Says No One Can Escape
International New York Times, The plight of Afghanistan’s women
The Wall Street Journal, Asia’s ‘Missing Women’ Problem

Group B
Myanmar Now, Beyond The Democracy Icon – The Role Of Myanmar Women
South China Morning Post, Scars of a nation
Thomson Reuters Foundation, Women in the Workforce

Group C
纽约时报中文网, “海外生子热”系列报道
今周刊, 蔡英文行不行
香港蘋果日報, 金蘭媽姐 前衞的女權主義者


2. Excellence in Digital News (卓越网络新闻奖

Group A
CNN International, Inside China’s space program
International New York Times, The Outlaw Ocean
The Wall Street Journal, Major Risks to Flying in Asia

Group B
Australian Doctor, The Fallout: the medical aftermath of Hiroshima
South China Morning Post, Marciel: A maid’s tale
South China Morning Post, Macau: The rise and fall of an empire?

Group C
财新网, China’s Property Market: A Decade of Ups and Downs 从调控到刺激 楼市十年轮回
澎湃新闻 (, 三峡(Three Gorges Dam: the world’s largest power station after seven years)
關鍵評論網 / The News Lens,  立委衝殺毀


3.      Excellence in Human Rights Reporting (卓越人权报导奖)

Group A
International New York Times, The Outlaw Ocean
The Associated Press, Seafood From Slaves
The Guardian, The strange disappearance of a publisher who riled China’s elite

Group B
Bangkok Post Sunday, Spectrum, Military mind games play out under strict insecurity
Myanmar Now, Rights Abuses Unabated In Myanmar In Historic Election Year
The Phnom Penh Post, High fashion’s human cost

Group C
明報, 長者遭脫光露天等沖涼
端傳媒, 《十字架之戰:為什麼溫州盛產教堂「釘子戶」?》
香港蘋果日報, 【有愛無陷】系列

4.      Excellence in Feature Writing (卓越专题特写奖)

Group A
International New York Times, A Migrant Mother’s Anguished Choice
The Associated Press,  Family Stunts Disabled Daughter’s Growth to Expand Her World
The Wall Street Journal, Why China Is Turning Back to Confucius

Group B
Myanmar Now, Return of Myanmar’s state thugs raises fears over election violence
South China Morning Post, Rock star tutors
The Cambodia Daily, Moving Dirt: A lucrative dirt trade is leaving gaping holes in communities

Group C
明周,      精神病患 復元崎嶇路
天下雜誌, 獵殺叛將
親子天下, 這不只是竹東的故事 生命悲歌:我住的地方不是「家」


5.      Excellence in Magazine Design (卓越杂志设计奖)

Group A (cancelled)*

Group B
Esquire Singapore, The Tasteful Issue
STORM V24, STORM Magazine
Tasting Kitchen, TK18 Formosa Influence

Group C
《新视线》,  印度
《艺术界》,  #招儿#


6.      Excellence in Lifestyle Coverage (卓越生活时尚报导奖)

Group A
The Economist, Park Life A day in the life of one of Beijings few green spaces
Thomson Reuters, North Koreas new entrepreneurs
TIME Asia, China’s Other Women

Group B
DestinAsian, “The Life Aquatic”; “First Footprints”; “Secrets of the Sulu Sea
Hong Kong Tatler, The Eleventh Hour
The Phnom Penh Post, Houston, we have a (gambling) problem

Group C
明周,      《紋身 紋心》
天下雜誌, 揭開倫敦、米蘭時尚學
《LOHAS乐活》,        蓝的情愫


7.      Excellence in Explanatory Reporting (卓越解释性新闻奖)

Group A
The Economist, Economist Special Report on Business in China
Financial Times, Migrant Miracle Series
International New York Times, The China Factor

Group B
Bangkok Post Sunday, Spectrum, Thailand’s junta silencing its critics
South China Morning Post, Mission improbable
South China Morning Post, Ni hao (hello) Colombo

Group C
遠見雜誌, 吃不起的未來
遠見雜誌, 一帶一路 啟動東協新商機


8.      Excellence in News Photography (卓越新闻摄影奖)

Group A
Agence France-Presse, AFP On Mount Everest, Surviving an Earthquake and an Avalanche
International New York Times, Nepal Earthquake
Thomson Reuters, Myanmar Migrants

Group B
Malaysiakini,   Bersih 4 in Pictures
Philippine Daily Inquirer, Holy Cow
Sunday Morning Post, McSleepers

Group C
明報,      前特首曾蔭權 被廉署落案起訴
香港蘋果日報, 深圳塌泥
Apple Daily Taiwan, 八仙樂園粉塵爆炸-傷者搶救


9.      Excellence in Business Reporting (卓越经济报导奖)

Group A
International New York Times, The China Factor
The Associated Press,  The Double-Dealers Behind China’s Counterfeiting Industry, an AP Investigation
Thomson Reuters, Sahara’s latest pyramid

Group B
South China Morning Post, Up in the air
The Myanmar Times, Myanmar’s currency crisis
The Myanmar Times, US relaxes sanctions on Myanmar port

Group C
南方周末 (Southern Weekly), 安邦路线(Anbang Route)
天下雜誌, 一帶一路 全面解讀
30 Monthly Magazine, 全球創新創業地圖



10.  Excellence in Information Graphics (卓越资料图像奖)

Group A
International New York Times, The World According to China
The Wall Street Journal, Major Risks to Flying in Asia
The Wall Street Journal, China’s Reckoning

Group B
South China Morning Post, To the rhythm of the drum
TODAY, A closer look at Singapore’s green marvel
TODAY, Rohingyas’ painful exodus

Group C
明報,      轉角一年 港未安居
端傳媒, 《20萬條投票紀錄帶你解碼香港立法會》
端傳媒, 台湾大选系列: 10張圖讓你看懂2016台灣大選


11.  Excellence in Reporting Breaking News (卓越突发性新闻奖)

Group A
Bloomberg News, Dissecting a Disaster
International New York Times, Rohingya Migrants From Myanmar, Shunned by Malaysia, Are Spotted Adrift in Andaman Sea
Thomson Reuters, Earthquake on the Roof of the World

Group B
South China Morning Post, Shenzhen landslide
South China Morning Post, Tianjin blasts
The Myanmar Times, Police crackdown on student protesters

Group C
明報,      深圳塌泥
天下雜誌, 九二共識的逆襲
香港蘋果日報, 曼谷四面佛大爆炸



12.   Excellence in Opinion Writing (卓越评论奖)

Group A
Bloomberg News, The Roots of Rage
Financial Times, Life in China
International New York Times, Rape and Impunity in South Asia

Group B
Khaosod English, Down the Memory Hole Lies ‘Juntaland’
Nikkei Asian Review, Minxin Pei
The Myanmar Times, Giving women a voice

Group C
端傳媒, 改革派之死The Death of Chinese Reformists, 《“非典型领导人”胡耀邦》, 《中国大学目睹之怪现状》



13.   Excellence in Editorial Cartooning (卓越漫画奖)

Group A (cancelled)*

Group B
A Plus magazine, Yahoo to stick to Alibaba spinoff plan without IRS backing
South China Morning Post, HKU
South China Morning Post, Strategic partnership

Group C
明報,      黑手干預港大校政系列



14. Excellence in Reporting on the Environment (卓越环境报导奖)

Group A
Bloomberg News, Farmers Driven From Homes ‘Like Pests’ by Dam Projects
International New York Times, Climate Change and China
Thomson Reuters, Palm oil plantations in crossfire after (no deforestation) pledges

Group B
Hong Kong Tatler, The Eleventh Hour
Nikkei Asian Review, Praying for rain
Thomson Reuters Foundation, Climate innovation

Group C
商業周刊 Business Weekly, The disappearing black kite



15. Excellence in Feature Photography (卓越特写摄影奖)

Group A
Bloomberg News, The Tin Mines of Bangka Island
Thomson Reuters, Agent Orange
TIME Asia, Where Motherhood Kills

Group B
Coconuts Media, A photo profile of Mui Thomas
Tasting Kitchen, One Fish Two Fish
Time Out Hong Kong, Skin deep

Group C
端傳媒, 小鎮的蛻變:探訪昂山素姬選區
端傳媒, 圖片故事:玉樹地震五周年 房子重建了,但心未被重建
香港蘋果日報, 反水貨



16. The Scoop Award (独家新闻奖)

Group A
Financial Times, Hanergy Coverage
International New York Times, Fake degrees earn company millions
The Wall Street Journal, Malaysia’s 1MDB Scandal

Group B
South China Morning Post, PLA: Fighting force
The Australian, Journalist Phone hack
The Star, Visa Discord

Group C
明報,      長者遭脫光露天等沖涼
香港蘋果日報, 國力書院醜聞
香港蘋果日報, 李波失蹤案



17. Excellence in Investigative Reporting (卓越调查报导新闻奖)

Group A
Financial Times, Hanergy Coverage
The Associated Press, Seafood From Slaves
The Wall Street Journal, Malaysia’s 1MDB Scandal

Group B
GlobalPost, Asia’s Meth Wars
Myanmar Now, With official help, Myanmar’s radical Buddhists target Muslim-owned businesses
The Australian, Salim Mehajer, It’s Good Being Deputy Mayor

Group C
香港蘋果日報, 2015年區議會選舉種票系列
明報,       長者遭脫光露天等沖涼
遠見雜誌, 「粉」有問題!60億個餐盒的潛藏危機


18.  Journalist of the Year (年度记者奖)


Financial Times, Lucy Hornby
Myanmar Now, Thin Lei Win
The Wall Street Journal, Tom Wright



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*The categories marked cancelled were due to not receiving more than 5 entries.